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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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101 embarcadero. >> oh, i'm utilize that was about is 690 i want to discuss. >> this is 690 is closed. >> this is where i received the second notice. >> ma'am, i'm sorry we're discussing the tony embarcadero i received another notice i wanted to answer the question there were requesting to upgrade and i have enough money to be able to verify the account and do the business with western mart and the financial statement is very sufficient so my accounting routing - and when it is bringing to sullivan the code
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is - when our banking and doing business and you want to post time and someone has owned their building through the 1920s it's hard to let it go because a lot of the buildings are torn down and i'm working with so many tractor i want to establish to try to be able to request for the projects and authorize the hearing for the distribution they have agreements on forms that will be able to assist the underwriting for the power of attorneys so i take the power of attorney forms like the ground work and for the buildings to are cleaned when i wake up i see any building being washed down and sometimes you go by the
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building they don't a lot up to par and the painting and the recreation and the carpet they were requesting percentages they needed if they can do over the amount of what's needed for the city i can have this for the board members. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> hi good afternoon, commissioners i'm peter i'm a requesting i deny the predicaments and resend and correct the negative declaration for one simple purchase i want to show a document. >> you can put it on the overhead. >> so you've seen this a lot where the tweaks of history the actual address a 113 and this is part and parcel to the tweaks
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through the process to significantly alternate this is to alternate the history of san francisco this is on a important site in the hay mark square really this establishes during that dock workers strike begat different events we take for granted today, the weekends off and significantly alternate the exterior is to alternate san francisco i happen to be the chief connoisseur and most of my guests come here specifically for the historic he preservation the victorian home walks what makes san francisco unique is our commitment to historic
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preservation and to alternate what may i do add this is the last block of the alternatives and it concerns me that as important as the institution as the common wealth club it to san francisco the historic facades are disregard in the process the stretch of the embarcadero is not only like a said historically significant but a popular designation for tourists i have with me an article from the new york times saying that part of it once a worker industrial area like blighting plight much the city's waterfront has been polished into it's pleasures i urge the commissions to deny and resend
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and correct the mitigated negative declaration to this not only architecture historic institution but one of the most important sites in lash history in san francisco history thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> commissioners issue has been visited before and one of the previous projects the hines project does relate to this in an important way that block was written out of preservation behind the doors for that project to go forward it was included in a careful assessment this is the last of two to three structures of loft building and worker housing the embarcadero center you know erased this is the last block
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that survived because of the elevated freeway that was one the reasons basically and now it includes the landmark with both sides and the history is both sides it is about half of history the reports exclude the embarcadero part of the history they also commonwealth club clued harry bridges this is ridiculous and i hope that's not the kind of history they plan on putting forward the report based on the report they left outbuildings when you see the embarcadero side with as important as the crowds were defending the workers trying to close the belt line railway in front of which the ymca with the
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building the gas bombs going off at the bottom joe meningitis that gas bombs were shot throw the windows into the embarcadero site they couldn't get into the hallway they attacked the building illegal and holes with the gas bombs people were hit and people lost organs there's not been truth or reconciliation but the buildings on the block contains three or four hotels as well as the lost buildings it's totally in reserve the reports speak nothing which if this the club had a proposal that called for restoring the whole building
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the whole landmark that's the sequa standards i'm sorry what the reports call for doing it rehabilitation light wells be specific in our language not restoration to the period of significant so the irrelevant post significant of the elements of the facade are going to be rehabbed not restoration on stewart street and just - >> thank you your time is up. >> sir, your time is up. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you i have a card for chris rice. >> hi, i'm chris a long term resident which selma i don't think live next door by further towards the south you frequent
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the area and long term member of the common wealth club i know that a lot of thought has gone into the project a real effort to respect the historical events as far as it seems like the main bone the contention the facade on embarcadero if you look at that whole block tyler really is no architecture consistcy an individual building existing in their own way it seems like there is nothing wrong with including in that eclectic youp group the facade that the commonwealth is proposing i urge you to move forward with the proposal everybody is anxious to get the common wealth club they've done a lot of work to make sure that all the restoration and the historical
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elements are replaced and it's actually a great detriment we have to come back and discuss that. >> kevin o'brien. >> commissioner president wu and staff i'm coveting o'brien a member of the common wealth club any past history it was the past member of fox two in that position the number of projects issues that i was involved in the numbers in the many hundreds i was extremely aggressor in the group that fought the 8 washington project not only in money but any expertise in this field from my years of being
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involved with k t view i've observed dr. duffey and the common wealth group i've not seen a club so sensitive from the feedback their sensitivity to the you history of the building and the egging metrological and i'm astonished by their consistency and respond appropriately in changing their plans to meet the demands of people that had intelligent and appropriate feedback for a project i think it's been done i think this thing has begun on too long and tremendous improvement in the area and the building is in very poor condition i can't imagine anything that is better planned
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in the forest to do the right thing for the city and county of san francisco this has been the history of common wealth club and will continue to be the history and i salute dr. duffey and staff and hope you'll approve that wonderful project. >> is there any additional public comment. >> yes. good afternoon, commissioners i'm the chair the sound land use and housing committee i'm here to oppose this project as presented reason for first of all, this is a historic site and if you're in the neighborhood for example, if you had followed the residential guidelines and preserve whatever
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you have in this case, i have a project on the how is it can change certain things that violated the preservation and the guidelines but here it's even more historic than my house and this building i'm sure you're aware of has been mentioned many times over is the iconic headquarters the longshoreman and to industry is it is a piece of history not only for san francisco but for the whole nation and it is hard to imagine that san francisco with its history as a strong labor city and historic preservation that they would recommend to the commonwealth to have the glass facade it's amazing it's unfortunate i can't believe they'll recommend a design
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but it's more important this is is one of the most historic labor sites in the country if not the world and it shouldn't be destroyed just for the sake of a couple with a more modern design so on that basis i vote to oppose the project those presented and hope you'll try to preserve history for san francisco and the country thank you thank you. is there any additional public comment okay seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner antonini. >> i'm very supportive of this project and as most that i know we went through an extensive appeal of the negative deck that dealt with the historical aspects of that have been
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brought up by a number of speakers and sditsdz by the preservation staff, in fact, the historic side was focused open the side as it was at the time of the historic events of the 1930s the common wealth club is going to have it's on home and it remind me of a few years now, it's open mission street and has it's on home and even greater importance in my estimation the common wealth will cvs have its own own in regards to the facade on the embarcadero side most of you have you know i'm a spokesperson for the preservation of the historic side but in this case this is not a historic facade it is
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pointed out it was alternated many times over the years new windows and the cornice has been changed we're not dealing with what was there in the 1934 and the new building will proposed building does establish a type of this it blends well with the neighboring buildings and allows to meet it's goals notice not able having enough size i'd like to ask the project sponsor a question about the auditori auditorium. >> yes. >> you said i'll obey to hold 90 percent i seem you'll have 10 percent two large for the
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audience. >> yes. holes and theatres. >> i understand there recent some not possible to hold here do you you decide look at the hotel be able possibly. >> the fire codes restrict us to 299. >> so you did about the most you could the vast majority of our lectures will be attended by thousands of people. >> we used the castro theatre up to 25 or 3 thousand people. >> so given the site you'll not been able to build anything and adding additional height wouldn't solve the auditorium problem you have a width that's restrictive for the number of of people. >> that's correct we have a
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load and our structural engineer feels the stricter to the - >> i'll be supportive of an even larger project that is very well done. >> we tried but couldn't shoe horn anything. >> i'm in support and see what the other commissioners have to say. >> smifz. >> i'll agree with commissioner antonini i'll support f this i agree with the speaker that said one good thing the primary interest to the he embarcadero block you don't get over on that does the traffic seems to be on the east side of the embarcadero so it would be good to have another active use it on the west side it drops the pedestrian traffic from stewart
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ore to the embarcadero and one side to the other but i think the massing is done it's important to keep it in scale i wasn't here when the hines project was approved but looking back that was a big problem the sail and massing the project as far as the history we get kaubt uranium up in the history i couldn't think of a better occupant to advance the history but my fear would be someone else will occupy it but keep the restaurant but a plaque hidden in the corner but i think this is a great project i move to
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approve. >> second. >> commissioner richards. >> i agree with the comments i have a couple of additional thoughts the board of supervisors resolution clearly articulate this is a historic site where significant sites for the west coast in not the united states the common wealth the gentleman from k-2 u two has said their receiver to february and i've talked to michael about the sensitive treatment to the security and gave it a big things up your commemorating the if he has so if mr. duffy can come up for a second i have a question for your so i'm assuming with all of that your supportive of the
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landmarking. >> but again, i'm not a architect and not familiar with the process. >> i want to move forward and i'm here to support the motion but i have a anxious and no delay but an amendment to the motion and i checked with the city attorney my amendment to request the staff to ask the h pc to ask for landmarking the building. >> again, it's beyond any expertise. >> the other mike please.
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i certainly again with dr. duffey the common wealth club is wanting to learn more about that we'll happy to work with the staff but it's important to get the facts about the process in place before we make a statement. >> if i might commissioner landmarking requires action by the h pc when they formally initials that there's a one today duo day hold we can't approve a predicament for 6 months. >> ms. stacey sorry. >> it's my understanding that
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the planning code has one hundred and 80 day stay on approval by the planning department and commission by not the building department but again you know that would be with 0 confirmed by staff and our office. >> the planning department will still have to approve the drawings before dbi there's a subsequent action the planning department has to take before dbi approves the predicament the landmarking is okay. but there's a time element in the h pc took an action. >> depending on the will of the commission one possibility to direct staff to discuss the landmark walgreens with the h pc
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once the approvals are finalize and you have the most integrity of any organizations i absolutely trust you'll entertain doing this and with a certification appeal i trust you'll do that and hope you would. >> commissioner moore. >> one critical question the integrity of the building which we know is not quite what was was for the purpose we're trying to put into historic preservation we're focusing on the event and how it is documented and how the current design indeed clearly yes, ma'am lasts the preserving not preservation but preserving altitude towards that thing that guess more important for us to support than taking it through the rigor of the preservation
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for the building autopsy delay is difficult for the club in that our lease runs out in 6 months less than of most now and so we're already in a situation having to find temporary quarters we're looking for about a 60 thousand there's a month to the club which is a nonprofit without awning endowment we're absolutely doing the right thing i don't know where landmarking would do please don't three this project any further. >> i agree with the sentiment the ongoing education and the ongoing commissioner moore said preserving an alex action of referring to the history and the 18934 strikes is very important i could be supportive if i ask the staff to look at it but
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likely not to initiate. >> commissioner antonini. >> i feel the is that you i feel a mention of that has been presented but not being actually part of the motion in we could slow down the approval and permitting process so my intention is the motion as made before calls for approval and it is not contingent been the actions being take in the future for landmarking. >> commissioner richards. >> i'm going to leave it up to the integrity of the appellant i want to come back in 6 months and what i'm trying to prevent is someone offering $10 billion for a site and landmarking
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doesn't prevent demolition of the building only a process that makes the process longer and there's a lot more vesting. >> the club needs it's home. >> i wanted to lead the project. >> people have offered us money but we have to have a home. >> that scares me. >> where would we be at. >> please call the motion. >> we have a motion and a second to approve that matter with conditions. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner johnck's president fong and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero. >> the commission will take a i'd like to remind the members of the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind please silence all electronic devices.
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and and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commissioners we left off in our discretionary review calendar on item 13 at 22817th avenue this is a mandate discretionary review. >> good afternoon. sarah from the staff this is a mandate dr for the doogsz heirs this is for a demolition of a house that is from 1906 with a one car doochd garage and rise to a height of 40 fiats feet there is one concerns about the complablt and the departments recommends approval with the objectives and
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policies of the general plan thank you. i'm available for mayor ed lee any questions. >> thank you project sponsor. >> good afternoon. commissioner i'm jeremy with the architects project before you is mandate demolition mandate conditional use for the housing it was built over the course of many years and subsequentially it is inpermitted and left that with a weird floor plan and so instead of rehabilitating the house that's there our clooiz clients found a better alternative to demolish the house and building build two family units it's each
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unit will be 4 bedrooms exceeding the required open space that the bottom level is a basement level with 4 car parking and the main level of the lower unit is on the rear yard and the top to stories are the second unit with decks on the front and rear of the top author that's the third-story it is a basement on the lower level we had our preapplication meeting last spring two neighbors come out and one of the neighbors who lives in the building next door had some concerns about loss of private properties privacy with the rear deck we revised our proposal to move the deck over a


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